Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, right? Wrong. So damn wrong. Trust me, I’ve been there. Last year I was almost anorexic, and my weight plummeted so much I stopped getting my monthly. I was in the physio every second week because my knees began to hurt like hell from all the running I did. […]

Christian “Crossbow” Kur has been a vampire hunter since was sixteen. It’s a tough job. It’s also completely thankless – especially since Twilight. Sometimes Cross just wishes he could quit. But on the day he does…everything goes wrong. Check out the first chapter here. Chapter 2

1) Relax. 2) If it is not in the moment with you, do not write it down. If it’s gotten lost in the time that it took you to think it and then to frame it, it is not worth recording. 3) Just breathe. There is you, and the words, and the keyboard, and the tapping. […]

I ate chocolate today. Hogawd. Whenever I do this, I have 1 of 2 reactions:1) I really need to gain some weight anyway. That way, I may develop curves, which the magazines assure me are attractive even as they’re laughing at the latest superstar who ‘let herself go’. 2) (Which usually follows directly after #1) This […]

The trouble started with a bar, a woman, and a couple of drinks. That’s basically how most bar fights start, but then again most bar fights don’t include a famished vampire killer and a 200 pounds worth of muscle hidden in a five-foot-three frame. Christian hadn’t come looking for a fight, of course. He came […]

Before you start anything at all, decide what you will and will not do in the search for a healthy/skinny/perfect (insert your own personal torture motivational phrase of choice here) you. Now, it may not feel like you’re ever going to get to the stage where you’re as skinny/stupid as Miss Stick over here, but get obsessive enough and suddenly […]

Beautiful poem! Serendipity is pretty amazing.

1) Sincerity matters. Always. 2) What do you have that the whole wide world doesn’t? You have you. You have this space, this beautiful moment when everything is gold. The zen master’s guide to writing

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So I was wandering about the internet this morning, and came across this site, which I haven’t visited in years but still fondly remember as one of the funniest things I have ever read. It is a list, entitled The Top 100 Things I’d Do If I Ever Became…